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The Top Spring 2017 Jewelry Trends You Need To Be Wearing

Dana Seng

Posted on May 24 2017

You should definitely not be wearing your mother’s jewelry for Spring 2017. Glamour marries unique fashion statements in this year’s trends. You won’t just be wearing one diamond band when you head out the door, you’ll be wearing several diamond stacking bands, and your necklaces will add a new dimension to your outfits. Here are four looks you must have:

  1. Beads Are Back

Beads are back but not like First Lady Barbara Bush used to wear. Beaded cluster earrings that were popular in the 1980s are making a huge comeback, and you can pair them perfectly with a silver bar necklace. Smaller beads make the clusters more feminine and work well with any style.

  1. Layered Diamond Rings

Nothing makes your hands prettier than diamond stacking bands. Go to your favorite salon, indulge in a mani/pedi and then complement your beautiful nails with delicate bands on your fingers and toes. Stack the rings between your first and second, and second and third knuckles for a breathtaking finger look.

  1. If You Prefer Bigger

For some, bigger is better, and the 2017 Spring jewelry looks accommodate those who prefer larger rings. Rather than stacking bands, other trends include

  • Chunky rings
  • Floral rings
  • Asymmetrical rings

You can add glamour to your look by selecting birthstone jewelry. A chunky ring with you and your family members’ birthstones is beautiful no matter the time of year, not to mention sentimental.

  1. Necklaces to Die For

Finally, the 80s are also making a comeback around your neck. Spring runways saw a ton of thick, chunky necklaces. If you really want to make a statement, opt for tassels. Many women are wearing them around their necks and adorning their clothing, handbags and shoes with them. Pair them with simple diamond necklaces for a feminine, layered look.

Your look can be as fresh as the spring air with Dana Seng Jewelry. We offer many of the fashions discussed above and also customize pieces. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom. We would be happy to help you find the perfect baubles for your spring fashion statement.

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