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How to Stack Delicate Diamond Rings

Dana Seng

Posted on April 10 2017

 Wearing rings is an easy way to express your personal style and taste in precious metals and stones. Despite the freedom of expression, you still may wonder how to pull off certain fashions, such as stacking diamond rings. The rules for how to diamond stack are somewhat different than those for everyday rings. Keep these questions in mind as you create a classy, customized look.

What Are the Purpose and Meaning of Your Rings?

Engagements and weddings aren’t the only occasions for diamond rings. Birthdays, anniversaries, and baby births are other events appropriate for diamonds. What your rings symbolize can determine how many you wear at once, on which fingers, and in what order. Also, consider if you’ll ever want to wear just one or two rings when practical, as it can affect your style choice.

What Is the Overall Look You Want to Create?

You don’t have to follow a traditional or consistent pattern when it comes to diamond stackable rings. In fact, when they are more personalized, they become more meaningful. Consider the following ideas:

  • Mixing metals
  • Layering wide and narrow bands
  • Including various diamond shapes, cuts, and sizes
  • Combining different colors, textures, and finishes
  • Selecting complementary embellishments, such as initial rings
  • Choosing a significant theme

If you aren’t the mix-and-match type, then go for a streamlined, timeless arrangement. A happy medium between the two is getting nesting rings that make a complete design when worn together.

How Do You Want to Wear the Rings?

Not all the rings have to be on one finger. You can wear just your engagement or wedding band on your left hand and other milestone rings on your right. You can wear relationship rings on one finger and motherhood rings on another. You can begin with just one diamond band ring and add another every few years so the number and look always change. The options for how to diamond stack are as limited as your imagination.

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