Dana Seng Brand, The Ultimate Destination For Meaningful Personalization.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the Head Designer of Dana Seng Jewelry



One of the most inspirational factors that our Head Designer, Dana, draws her motivation from is her family. That is where her love for jewelry took place. At a young age, her love and passion for jewelry designing continued to grow exponentially. A passion so great that it inspired her to pursue her career as a jewelry designer.

Mrs. Seng is known for her dainty, delicate, meaningful personalized designs, especially, the well-known Signature Initial/Number & Birthstone design. It originated from her Grandmother who gifted her a necklace with Dana’s initial on the day she was born. This precious piece meant the world to her. 

Dana understands how much family, friends, and loved ones mean to each and every one of us. Her personalized designs are purely made to keep loved ones and beautiful moments close to our hearts. 

Her heart, passion, and creativity are poured into every single meaningful jewelry piece. DS' designs are carefully handcrafted to pass on from one generation to the next.

Dana and her highly skilled team of artisans forever strive to create and share the best quality jewelry pieces with all clients, globally.  



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