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Be Your Bridal Best As You Begin Your New Life Together

Angela Seng

Posted on June 13 2017

When you say, “I do,” it is for forever. Pledge your love beyond your vows with eternity wedding bands. Also called infinity rings, these beautiful pieces signify the never-ending love you have for your betrothed, and you can embellish each band with precious stones of your choosing. Alongside the delicate small diamond necklace you’ll wear around your neck, you’re “something new,” the elegant eternity band he’ll place on your finger makes your wedding day jewelry perfect.

Break the Mold

Yes, the eternity ring has been traditionally an anniversary ring, but who says you cannot break the mold. Gemstones on your wedding band complement your engagement ring perfectly, and you have your choice of several precious metals from which to choose, such as:

• Pink gold
• Rose gold
• White gold
• Yellow gold

You can also choose your gemstones. Honor both of your birthdays by having your birthstones interspersed with diamonds around the band. The infusion of color adds a glamorous and European touch to your wedding ring. Engagement and wedding rings overseas are not diamond only. Other precious stones are used for engagement rings, such as the stunning sapphire on Princess Kate’s ring, which was originally worn by Princess Diana.

Eternity Bands as Your Family Grows

When you add birthstones to the design, your ring doesn’t just stop at your wedding day. At first, it will be your husband and you, but you hope to have children eventually. Honor their births as well with birthstone eternity bands to signify your children’s birth months. You made a commitment to love your husband forever at the altar. Now, make a commitment to love your children forever in the same loving and beautiful way.

Let us design your wedding and family jewelry. Contact us to discuss your ideas. We are happy to personalize your choices or you may choose from our beautiful Dana Seng Jewelry collections. Either way, our jewelry will make your special day and the rest of your life even more glorious.

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