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Get the Look: Initial Jewelry

Dana Seng

Posted on August 14 2017

Initial jewelry is still in style. In fact, it’s a trend these days. Monograms originated as royal signatures and have been used on coins, stationery, and jewelry ever since. So why are they coming back? Monogram jewelry is popular because it perfectly combines a classic look with a touch of sophistication.

From your favorite celebrity sporting an initial gold necklace to your girlfriends gushing about their boyfriends giving them initial rings, you’ll be seeing monogram jewelry everywhere. Here are some beautiful pieces of initial jewelry.

Initial Rings

These initial rings can serve a variety of purposes. Perhaps you want to sport your self confidence and get a ring featuring your first initial. If you’re a mother, you might want a ring that has the first initial of your child. Whatever the case is, an initial ring is the perfect way to treat yourself or give someone a thoughtful present.

Initial Necklaces

Monogram necklaces are also versatile. They can be a symbol of love, personality, or something random. Strut your stuff while you rock a necklace with your own initial. Showcase your love for a best friend, partner, or role model. Whether you’re a gold or silver person, you can find an initial necklace that goes with your style. It’s a great way to make a small yet effective statement.

Initial Bracelets

Want something more prominent than a ring? Then a bracelet or bangle is the way to go. You can find bangles with just one initial, multiple initials, or even a full name. This is ideal if you want to show off your initial jewelry more than a small ring or necklace would allow.

Are you looking for initial jewelry for yourself or as a gift? Dana Seng Jewelry Collection has what you need. Ask us about the initial jewelry in our online shop or private showroom by contacting us via phone or email.

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