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To Pair or Not to Pair, That Is the Question With Drop Earrings

Dana Seng

Posted on August 14 2017

Jewelry is a fashion statement. Designers accessorize models with baubles and bands that complement the outfits, not detract from them. The latter is the key. You never want your jewelry to become a distraction, so how do you pull off a pair of stunning diamond drop earrings? You follow simple rules.

Rule 1: Be Subtle When Going Big

If you are going bold with your earrings, such as a huge pair of gold diamond earrings, you’ll want to let them sing solo. Large jewelry pieces, including earrings, look better if they’re on their own. Wear your hair down and avoid a necklace when you don a pair of statement earrings. You can however, adorn your wrist and hands with a matching bracelet and one or two beautiful rings.

Rule 2: Consider Your Face

Your face shape is another thing to consider. For example

  • Oval and heart face shapes carry teardrop earrings well
  • Round faces look better with long dangles
  • Square faces are softened by medium or long drop earrings or hoops
  • Narrow faces look fuller with stud diamond earrings

Choose a pair of earrings that frame your face nicely. Take into account how you plan to wear your hair as well.

Rule 3: Offset Smaller Earrings With Neck Jewelry

If you prefer delicate drops or studs, add a beautiful necklace or luxury choker to your overall look. If you are wearing a strapless or thin-strapped gown, you can choose an ornate necklace to complement your earrings. If you are wearing a glamorous gown that frames your décolletage, a delicate bauble will do.

Rule 4: Don’t Forget the Hands and Arms

Finally, consider your outfit when determining what hand and arm jewelry to wear. You don’t need bracelets or cuffs if you’re wearing long sleeves, and brightly patterned prints don’t need large, gaudy rings on your fingers.

If you still need help determining the best jewelry to wear with your favorite diamond drop earrings, contact us at Dana Seng Jewelry. We have a wonderful selection of jewelry from which to choose to accessorize your entire outfit.

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