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5 Holiday Gift Ideas to Order Now For Loved Ones

Dana Seng

Posted on November 25 2020

If you still haven’t found the perfect gifts for friends and family members, there’s plenty of stunning options available from your favorite Los Angeles jewelry designer. Get ideas here, and remember that arrivals take five to seven business days to ship since all orders are custom made.

Stackable Diamond Rings

Give the loved one who’s obsessed with stacking rings diamond versions to celebrate the holiday season. Stackable rings have never looked so chic and let the friend or family member express themselves in a dazzling way. Whether simple diamond rings are ideal or something a little more ornate, the receiver will appreciate your efforts. 

Birthstone Jewelry

Jewelry featuring the giftee’s birthstone offers a highly personalized touch...and shows the loved one that you remembered their birth month! Purchase birthstone jewelry in ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace form depending on the loved one’s preferences. If you aren’t sure what’s best, drop hints by asking if there’s jewelry they want to wear more, such as bracelets, or tried-and-true accessories they can’t go without, such as rings. 

Rose Gold Bracelets

Provide a gorgeous rose gold bangle bracelet to the friend, partner, or family member in question. Rose gold has increased in popularity over the past few years because it offers a subtle yet beautiful way to accessorize. A bangle bracelet is the ideal gift for the loved one who’s been “craving” rose gold lately. 

Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings offer another fabulous holiday gift for one of the people on your “nice” list. Whether the person has a variety of piercings that go up their ears and are always looking for new stud earrings or prefers the simplicity of diamond studs, you’ve got a gift win-win on your hands. 

Diamond Necklaces

Score big with a diamond necklace in white gold or another beloved precious metal. Diamond necklaces make excellent precursors to diamond engagement rings, or can be presented in conjunction with the ring for a truly memorable holiday. 

Dana Seng offers a wide range of fantastic, custom jewelry for your favorite people. See what’s new today to complete your holiday shopping. 

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