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3 Tips For Deciding Between Gold & Silver Jewelry For A Loved One

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Posted on October 14 2020

When it comes to gifting jewelry to loved ones, one of the most important decisions you will make involves gold and silver. Two of the most common jewelry metals, gold and silver provide stand-alone pieces, such as silver rings and rose gold bangle bracelets, as well as foundations for gemstone jewelry. Here, review tips for selecting between gold and silver jewelry for a loved one. 

Consider Skin Tone

Silver jewelry usually looks best on individuals with cool skin tones, or skin with pink, blue, or red undertones. Gold accessories typically complement those with warm skin tones, or skin with peachy, golden, or yellow undertones. However, silver jewelry can work on warm skin tones and gold jewelry on cool skin tones because it provides contrast, so keep that in mind as you think about what accessories you typically see your friend wear. Also remember that gold options such as white and rose gold have universal appeal. 

Consider the Person’s Style

As with skin tone, clothing choices often dictate accessory choices. If the loved one frequently wears blue, pink with blue undertones, red with blue undertones, black, and white, silver pieces will look incredible; however, you can also opt for gold for black and white ensembles. White gold bangles and other white gold pieces also provide possibilities. Conversely, if the person often wears pink clothing with peachy or yellow undertones, or shades of off white and tan, green, and orange, go with yellow gold. 

Consider the Makeup

Makeup offers yet another avenue for making accessory choices. If the loved one has a cool skin tone and frequently wears deep red, blue, purple, and pink makeup, discuss silver accessories with your Los Angeles jewelry designer to highlight these tones. Gold brings out peachy tones and other warm makeup colors, such as bronzer and neutral blushes, to create dazzling results. 

Additional Advice

If you still aren’t sure what to buy for your loved one, simply observe what jewelry that person wears or ask to look at their current accessory collection. Drop hints if you wish, such as asking whether the individual likes rose gold or desires more variety in their jewelry options. A little sleuthing combined with keen observations makes finding the perfect pieces much easier. 
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