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4 Reasons to Give Birthstone Jewelry to a Loved One

Dana Seng

Posted on September 16 2020

If you’re strapped for gift ideas for one of your favorite people, consider giving the individual a piece of birthstone jewelry. Birthstones on white gold bangles as well as rings, pendants, and earrings provide gorgeous presents the person will cherish always. Learn why they are gifts that truly keep on giving. 

They Show Attention to Detail

When you give the gift of birthstone jewelry, you’re showing the receiver that you pay attention and have done your research. Whether the gift is for someone you’re in a new relationship with or a person you’ve known for years, they send a heartfelt message many other presents cannot compete with. Customized gifts almost always win over their conventional counterparts, especially when they contain glittering gemstones. 

They Provide a Beautiful Keepsake

January birthstone jewelry and pieces from subsequent months provide keepsake gifts the receivers will likely enjoy the rest of their lives. Because the jewelry is personalized with the receiver’s individual birth gemstone, it does not usually provide “regifting” opportunities and instead offers an accessory that will be looked at and worn with love for years. 

They Feature Stunning Gemstones

No matter what month your loved one was born in, gemstone jewelry features beautiful, shining jewels that never go out of style. Rubies, peridots, amethysts, emeralds, diamonds, and aquamarines are just some of the dazzling birthstone gems, each of which comes with a unique origins story and represents positive things. Emeralds, for example, symbolize patience and growth, while pearls represent purity and were thought to be the tears of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and fertility. 

They Offer Versatility 

Birthstone jewelry goes with a wide variety of ensembles and complements other pieces, such as rose gold bangles. Delicate pendants, for example, work well with everything ranging from plunging neckline dresses to t-shirts and jeans. Stackable birthstone rings and bracelets also offer versatility that allows the wearer to create different looks that’s unique to them. 
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