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5 Benefits Simple Diamond Rings Offer

Dana Seng

Posted on December 11 2020

While some covet “huge rocks” or those with intricate designs when it comes to diamond rings, there are many reasons to go the minimalist route. Take a moment to review why simple diamond rings might be exactly what you need, whether for yourself or as an engagement gift. Read on and be inspired: 

They Go With Everything

Simple diamond rings work with every outfit. Whether going casual, formal, or something in between, there’s no worrying about if these diamond rings will clash with any ensemble. Their classic design always makes them welcome additions. 

They Don’t Pull Focus

A huge diamond ring arguably takes attention away from the person wearing it. Simple rings add shine without pulling focus so the conversation isn’t about accessories all night and everyone who sees the ring doesn’t grab your hand or that of your special someone. 

They Don’t Catch On Things

Large diamond rings that jut out from the hand can get caught on, well, everything. Clothes are especially vulnerable, and can get pulled if not torn in light of the ring’s cut and hardware. And depending on what the ring catches on, the pull can be severe enough to cause momentary pain if not muscle strains. 

They Are Easy to Stack

Stackable diamond rings are generally quite simple. Rings with gems along the bands or other complicated designs make them impossible to stack, something simple rings featuring single diamonds and classic, feature-free bands make easy. Whether you want to wear two, three, four, or more rings on one finger, simple diamond “finger accessories” allow you or your partner to get creative. Really creative. 

They Don’t Create Targets

While simplistic diamond rings are certainly beautiful, they are generally not large enough to make the individual wearing them a target. Large diamonds can cause unscrupulous individuals to trail those donning them and possibly commit theft. Simple rings eliminate these issues. 
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