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4 Unique & Interesting Facts About Topaz, November’s Birthstone

Dana Seng

Posted on January 07 2021

While often associated with blue and tannish-brown hues, topaz comes in a wide array of gorgeous colors. Frequently confused with gems such as citrine and smoky quartz, November’s birthstone nevertheless remains a coveted semi-precious rock. If you’re considering topaz birthstone accessories for a loved one born during Turkey Month, take a moment to learn a few fun facts before talking to a Los Angeles jewelry designer

Red is the Rarest Form of Topaz

Less than 1% of topaz comes in reddish-orange hues. Known as Imperial topaz, the gem typically features pink undertones against an orangish body. It was used in the crown jewels of Russia during the 18th and 19th centuries, hence its name. The gem comes from the Ural Mountains of Russia as well as Brazil in South America. Imperial is also a 23rd wedding anniversary gift. 

A Topaz Stone Was Once Considered the World’s Largest Diamond

The 1680 carat clear topaz in the Portuguese crown is one of the most famous gemstones of its kind in the world. The sizable jewel was originally thought to be the biggest diamond on the planet until it was revealed as topaz. The gem remains with the Portuguese crown jewels. 

It Features “Super Powers”

Topaz was believed to protect the wearer during ancient times. It was also thought to facilitate healing, preserve the mental state of the wearer, and even make the individual invisible to enemies. The ancient Greeks thought topaz had the power to increase the posseser’s fitness and strength when needed. And since topaz ranks 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, it’s no wonder the jewel was deemed “super.” It can even be worn daily without the risk of serious damage. 

The Stone Symbolizes Fidelity & Love

Blue topaz signifies love and faithfulness during Victorian times. The gemstone enjoys other positive associations, including intelligence, strength, loyalty, and friendship, which is why it makes a wonderful gift for any loved one. 

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