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New Year, New Jewelry Styles

Dana Seng

Posted on January 06 2020

With a new decade already underway and the seasons of spring and summer just around the corner, now is a perfect opportunity to refresh your personal fashion concept. This extends beyond your wardrobe to include your accessories as well. Any Los Angeles jewelry designer will tell you that the following trends are becoming popular in the new year.

1. Initial Jewelry

When jewelry is personalized to commemorate special people, events, or accomplishments in your life, it becomes extra special. Initial jewelry is a simple, elegant way to add special meaning to your ensemble. While initial necklaces may be the most common, initial rings are also becoming more popular and mainstream.

2. Colorful Stones

Jewelry trends in 2020 are all about fun and whimsy. Winter fashions can be somewhat subdued, and colored stones add some pop and pizazz to your wardrobe just in time for spring. Handmade fine jewelry that incorporates birthstones, whether your own or those of close family members, follows the current trend while also adding special meaning to each piece that will ensure it remains timeless no matter how the fashions change.

3. Gold Layers

Gold jewelry is a perennial favorite, and the current trend reflects the idea that if a little is good, a lot is better. Therefore, you are likely to see gold necklace sets worn together in layered chains. You will also see simple gold bangles worn together in stacks of two or three for a minimalist look that nevertheless makes a strong statement.

4. Bold Earrings

Though ear-hugging hoops are gaining some attention, earrings in 2020 are likely to be bold and dramatic. Large gold hoops are trending , as are fringed earrings. Though paired earrings are still common, a single statement earring that is large, dangly, and unignorable is a current trend.

These are a few of the styles trending in 2020. You can see more current trends from fine jewelers.

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