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How to Style Your Jewelry for the Holidays

Dana Seng

Posted on December 24 2019

Jewelry has been around nearly as long as people themselves. It has served as an adornment, to enhance one’s appearance, and as a status symbol. Whether you wear luxury jewelry to make a statement or to bring a smile to your face, yuletide brings some unique opportunities to shine. Here are some ideas for holiday jewelry pairings.

Casual Gatherings

You don’t need a special occasion to revel in the look and feel of high end jewelry. Well-chosen pieces are appealing with the most casual of outfits, as well as dressy ones. Pair jeans and a sweater with an unusual necklace or two, or layer several pieces, both thick and thin. If your sweater is busy, however, don’t try to compete with it. One chunky necklace will do. Small hoops or stud earrings make excellent accompaniments.

Holiday Parties

Glam it up so special occasions, where just about anything goes, unless it’s an office party, of course. Play up a night out with friends with large hoop earrings and lots of layered necklaces, some of which should stand out. Handmade fine jewelry allows you to show personal style with unique designs, colors and patterns. Choose more comfortable pieces for display around friends from the office.

Formal Affairs

Not many get invited to an actual ball, but there are undoubtedly formal dinners and gatherings in everyone’s future. The key to looking good in a long dress is to accent your style. Don’t overdo it with chunky jewelry. A few great pieces are all you need to sparkle on the red carpet. Pick one centerpiece, such as a necklace or earrings, and play it up. A bracelet always looks great with formal dress, too.

Mix it Up

Stepping out during the holidays is always exciting. There are no rules anymore about mixing metals, so feel free to wear luxury jewelry in all its hues, whether silver, gold, bronze or rose gold. Keep your look fun and fresh by adding new pieces to the mix and trying new combinations of jewelry.

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