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How To Stack Your Jewelry

Dana Seng

Posted on July 31 2019

Whoever said, “less is more,” clearly didn’t have cute jewelry in mind. When the months heat up and you show more skin, stacked jewelry embellishes any outfit to create that free-spirited boho chic vibe you crave. Whether you opt for gold stacking rings, layers of bracelets or chains upon chains of necklaces, here are some rules to follow for an effortless look.


You can never have too many bracelets. To create a cohesive look for your arm bling, opt for complimentary colors and textures. Layer a delicate piece with a charm or other beads. You can also play with position. There’s no rule that you have to wear bracelets on your wrist, try your upper arm for a goddess look.


Nothing will make you feel like royalty more than bejeweled fingers. Start with rose gold stackable rings for a delicate, chic look. The best way to wear gold stacking rings is to wear multiple rings on one finger and keep at least one finger ring-free to avoid looking overly busy. Experiment with ring placement and mix and match metals.


Stacking necklaces can be a bit more tricky than other pieces of jewelry. This is because they are prone to tangling. If you tend toward large statement pieces, it’s better not to add any additional diamond stacking bands or other such types of necklace. Adding more to a statement necklace will look overly busy and baubles can get tangled easily.

To get the perfect stack of necklaces, choose pieces that are more delicate, have different lengths and opt for thinner chains. It’s important to pair your necklaces with the cut of your shirt to ensure the right hang. You also want to keep in mind the details of your necklaces. Maybe one is just a chain while another has a charm and still another has a gem. The sky is the limit.

Get Stacked

When all is said and done, stacking jewelry is a method to make your style uniquely you. There are no hard and fast rules so have fun and accessorize!

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