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Ear Candy: The Hottest Trends

Dana Seng

Posted on December 11 2019

When it comes to quality jewelry, trends come and go. One of the easiest ways to stay fashionable is by updating your jewelry collection with wearable pieces that complete your outfit and reflect your personal style. Earrings in particular are a must-have accessory that draw positive attention as the finish touch to your look. Here’s are some of the latest styles of earrings that can keep your style on the cutting edge.

In the Loop

Big, over-the-top hoop earrings may not be as popular, but hoop earrings themselves are always in style. Look for hoops in silver or yellow gold graduated sizes to make a big impression.

Dramatic Flair 

Eye-catching bling is another trend that is not going away any time soon. Gold diamond drop earrings and dangles are catching on with influencers, trendsetters, and anyone who enjoys a bit of flash.

Making a Statement

Giant hoops may not be in, but other oversized shapes are definitely getting attention. Think of large pearl clusters, hearts, geometric shapes, and even retro lightning bolts to accessorize your outfit in a big way.

Do It Daintily 

Not everyone believes that bigger is better, and for those people who prefer a delicate, understated look, dainty earrings are the perfect fit. For example, stud diamond earrings in smaller sizes can offer a professional or more classic tone to match your minimalistic style. Even tiny pearls or nature themes such as shells or bumblebees can add just the right amount of interest.

Out of the Ordinary

Back in the 80’s, multiple ear piercings were all the rage. Nowadays, people may go for a single cartilage hoop for a unique look. Better yet, others are trying out styles such as a diamond ear cuff or a climber to get the look without the pain.

Do any of these earring trends stand out to you? You can find one-of-a-kind pieces that incorporate popular trends created by artisan jewelers who share your fashion sense.

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