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5 Unique Facts About Aquamarine Gems

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Posted on April 20 2022

The birthstone for March, aquamarine is a gorgeous sea-colored gemstone that complements a wide range of other jewelry, including stud diamond earrings and white gold bangles. It also has a fascinating history. Take a moment to learn more about this unique gemstone and perhaps pick up some tidbits to share with your friends. 

Its Name Literally Represents the Ocean

Aquamarine’s name is based on the Latin words ‘aqua’ and ‘marina,” which respectively translate to “water” and “sea.” Legends say the gem was a jewel coveted by mermaids, and sailors often wore aquamarine amulets to protect them from seasickness and getting lost or swept away. The gem was also thought to provide protection from the devil. 

It Is a Meditation Tool

The ancient Romans believed aquamarines had healing properties, such as for treatment of stomach, throat, and liver problems. In the Middle Ages, the gem was used to reduce toxicity from assorted poisons, as well as for lowering anxiety. Even today, aquamarines are considered meditation tools that foster peace of mind. 

It is Thought to Have Mystical Powers

A jewel with mystical associations, the aquamarine was believed to promote intelligence, youthfulness, courage, wisdom, and happiness, and was worn for these reasons. In today’s world, the gemstone represents faithfulness and friendship. It is still thought to represent courage, and is the Zodiac jewel for Pisces, the fish. Aquamarine also represents Neptune, the planet named for the Roman god of the sea. 

It Comes in Several Colors

Aquamarine gems are available in blue-green, sea foam green, crystal blue, and deep teal. Jewels featuring darker blue and green colors are considered the most precious. Exposure to heat changes the color of this gem without damaging it. For example, greenish gems undergo heat treatment for light blue results that increase clarity. Heat-related color changes are permanent and meant to increase the stone’s value. 

It Can Come in Large Sizes

The largest aquamarine ever discovered was unearthed in the Brazilian village of Minas Gerais in 1910. It weighed 243 pounds and was eventually cut into 100,000 carats. Non-gem-quality aquamarine has been found that weighs several tons. 

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