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3 Essential Emerald Jewelry Care Tips 

Dana Seng

Posted on March 16 2022

Emerald accessories go with just about everything, such as ruby stackable rings and white gold diamond necklaces. The green gem is a relatively soft jewel and therefore more prone to damage, so the right emerald jewelry care keeps it in sparkling condition. Review tips for keeping your emerald accessories beautiful here. 

Clean With Mild Detergent and Warm Water

To maintain their luster, emerald jewelry needs periodic cleaning. Avoid abrasive cleansers that can etch the gemstones or solvent cleaners that can degrade them. Use a mild detergent instead, such as a mild liquid dish soap. Soak the jewelry in a slightly-warm water and detergent solution to remove dirt, dead skin cells, grime, and sweat. 

If there is a serious grime issue, you can soak the emerald jewelry overnight for loosening purposes. Rinse it with warm water the following morning and use a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt and grime around the metal prongs, if applicable. 

Use Cedar Oil to Disguise Flaws

Cleaning your emerald jewelry can reveal flaws you have not previously noticed, which is a normal occurrence. To correct visible flaws, add a small drop of cedar or baby oil to a toothpick. Hold the toothpick over the flaw, which allows the oil to flow into the tiny crevice and fill it. If you can possibly leave the oil overnight, the flaw(s) will completely disappear. Use a soft tissue or cloth to absorb the remaining oil, which prevents it from spreading and possibly clouding the gem. Relying on oil to correct emerald fissures is actually an ancient practice! 

Store the Jewelry Carefully

Since emeralds are relatively soft and prone to scratches, store the green jewelry separately from other accessories. Wrap each piece in clean, soft cloths or tissues, then place them in their own jewelry box compartments. Depending how many pieces you have, you might want to dedicate a jewelry box entirely to emeralds. Place them in their jewelry box when doing anything that can dirty the gemstones, such as yard work or household chores. 

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