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5 Jewelry Gift Ideas For a Partner Who Adores Emeralds

Dana Seng

Posted on October 12 2021

Perhaps the emerald is your partner’s birthstone, or the beloved individual is simply crazy about the precious gem. If you want to purchase emerald accessories among other jewelry as a gift for your sweetheart, such as stackable diamond rings and white gold bangles, there are many gorgeous options available from Dana Seng. Review a few top picks here. 

Signature Tiny Open Heartbeats Birthstone Stud Earrings

Show your loved one that your heart is theirs with these stunning signature earrings. They feature an emerald flanked by two 14k gold hearts, and come with 14k gold earring backs. The gemstone is 1.6mm, while the hearts are ⅓ inches long. If your partner has pierced ears and is especially fond of studs, these earrings are ideal. 

Heart-Shaped Necklace

Give the gift of your heart another way--with a wow-worthy heart-shaped necklace. The 14k gold chain features a 0.30 carat heart-shaped emerald set in three 14k gold prongs. It’s the perfect gift for a partner who favorites long necklaces. The necklace is available in yellow gold only, but includes chain length options ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches long. 

Precious Stars Emerald Diamond Ring

Make it clear your partner is a star in your life with this outstanding, unique ring. It comes in white, yellow, and rose gold options, and features a 14K gold star charm adorned with eight pave diamonds and 16 pave emeralds. The ring also features a mini star featuring one pave emerald and one bezel diamond. It’s a knockout piece your loved one will marvel at. 

Emerald-Shaped Eternity Band

Purchase this beautiful band to show that your love is for eternity. The ring’s 14K gold emerald charms surround the entire accessory, which is available in white, yellow, and rose gold. It is a simple piece that nevertheless makes a bold statement. 

Diamond & Emerald Butterfly Necklace

Provide this glittering necklace for your partner who loves butterflies as well as emeralds. The signature piece features a 14k gold chain and a 14k gold charm that includes two emeralds and eight diamonds. It is available in rose, white, and yellow gold, with the charm 18mm high and 13mm wide. Chain length options range from 16 to 20 inches. 

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