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4 Interesting Facts About Gold

Dana Seng

Posted on November 17 2021

Gold jewelry comes in a seemingly-endless array of beautiful forms, such as white gold bangles, yellow gold pendants, and rose gold bracelets to name a mere few. The precious metal has never lost its appeal and enjoys a unique history with plenty of fun factoids attached. Take a moment to learn about some of the many interesting tidbits about gold to share with friends and family. 

It is the Only Yellow Metal on the Planet 

There is no other metal on Earth that is naturally golden or yellow. Gold stands alone, though other metals can turn yellow from oxidation or because of chemical reactions. Au is the chemical symbol for gold, and comes from the metal’s Latin name, aurum. The word translates to "glow of sunrise” or “shining dawn.” 

It Came From Space

The vast majority of gold on the planet came from meteorites that landed some 200 million years after Earth’s formation. That means it’s a “space metal” that came from the stars! The precious metal forms in massive stars that eventually explode, creating supernovas that blast resulting meteorites into the beyond. Gold is subsequently found in the Earth’s crust, though it would be closer to the planet’s core if it arrived during its “birth” when literally everything was molten-hot. 

It is Durable Yet Extremely Malleable 

Gold is a dense, heavy, non-toxic metal that is nevertheless malleable. It is possible to mold and hammer gold into a variety of objects, including super-thin sheets and sewing thread. Sheets can be hammered so thin that 1 inch could feature as many as 200,000 separate pieces. 

It Sits Under the Ocean

While there has been about 152,000 metric tons of gold mined ever, scientists believe humans haven’t come close to mining all of this precious metal on Earth. They estimate that there is eight times more gold than the above number in and below the ocean, and that’s in addition to what’s present in the Earth’s core. However, attempting to mine this gold is virtually impossible, not to mention extremely costly. 
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