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"Add-On" Precious New Initial With Birthstones To An Existing Dana Seng Necklace



"Add-On" service applys to existing Dana Seng clients only. 

Dana Seng "Add-On" service consists of Dana Seng "Add-On" team assisting each "Add-On" client through the entire "Add-On" process from beginning to end. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: New initial (s) will be added to the next location (s) on your existing necklace as shown in the example images. All locations/placements are fixed. They cannot be changed/switched. 

To add a precious new initial/number/heart with birthstones, below are the steps:

1). Order the initial with birthstones that you would like to add.

2). Send your necklace back to Dana Seng Jewelry.

3). Once received, allow 7 - 10 business days for production.

4). Once completed, we ship your meaningful necklace back to you.

NOTE: *Client is responsible for all shipping fees. (If you are a domestic client)

*Client is responsible for all shipping fees and customs taxes/duties.* (If you are an international client)

If the necklace sent in tangled, there will be a $45 fee. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: Each client is liable to insure your personal property (your necklace). Dana Seng brand will not be responsible for any loss or damages of any kind. 

Shipping Address:

Dana Seng Jewelry

607 South Hill Street, #902, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

*Dana Seng "Add-On" boutique accepts packages from: 

Monday-Friday (8am - 2pm)*

*If package shipped without correctly following this instruction, Dana Seng brand WILL NOT be responsible when it gets returned back to the sender (you).*

Chain conditions - if your necklace chain is 4 years old or more, you are required to purchase a new necklace chain by Clicking Here.

"Add-On" clients who have added more than once are required to purchase a brand new necklace chain which you can do so via this link.

Note: Dana Seng "Add-On" service is not applicable to giveaway prizes.

This meaningful custom made design is final sale. 

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