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True Meaning of our Signature Initial/Number & Birthstone Design

Dana Seng

Posted on July 02 2018

Communicate Your Love and Share Your Story With the Help of DSJ's Signature Initial/Number and Birthstone Collection

Friendship bracelets. Tattoos. Lockets. Bracelet charms. There are countless ways in which people commemorate the love they have for another, and each is unique and meaningful in its own way. At Dana Seng, we wanted to create a timeless yet fashionable way for individuals to celebrate their love for one another, which is how we came up with the DSJ Signature Initial/Number and Birthstone Design.

Share Your Story Through a Piece of Handmade Fine Jewelry

You are an unique individual with a story as distinctive as your personality. Part of what makes you so undeniably you is the month and day on which you were born, and the birth name with which you were bestowed. Be proud of your distinctive characteristics and showcase them via birthstone jewelry that features either your first initial or the number that best defines you.

Give a Loved One a Gift He or She Can Keep Near and Dear to the Heart

When the occasion to shower a loved one with gifts and gratitude arises, forego the mass-produced jewelry and trinkets and instead, get him or her a gift as irreplaceable as he or she is. An initial ring will remind your loved one of you every time he or she catches a glimpse of it, and a necklace pennant with your birthstone on it will allow him or her to keep you close to the heart no matter how many miles away you are. Our collection also features birthstone and initial bracelets and earrings, ensuring that there is a little something for everyone.

Let Dana Seng Be Part of Your Story

At Dana Seng, we create our handmade fine jewelry with the goal of helping others share their unique stories, communicate their love and spread happiness to those whom they care about most. Allow us to be part of your meaningful story. Shop our DSJ's Signature Initial/Number and Birthstone collection today.

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