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The Creations of the Eternity & the Birthstone & Initial Collections by Made Of Jewelry

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Posted on June 22 2016

If you want to treat yourself with cute, dainty and personalized golden beauties, Dana Seng surely has what you need!
The Los Angeles-based luxury jewelry designer of Dana Seng Jewelry recently announced the release not only of their “Eternity Collection” but also the quite personal Birthstone & Initial Collection. Personal for Dana but also personal for you. You can choose from your lover’s birthstone to you children’s initials. However, you create your own unique and personalized piece with this beautiful and fresh collection.
Both collections include pieces that are meant to be cherished forever!

The Birthstone & Initial Collection is Dana Seng’s newest collection. Fresh and playful as you can create your own piece with whatever initial and with the birthstone you cherish most!
The story behind the creation of The Birthstone & Initial Collection originally came from Dana’s personal piece that she owns.
“I personally own a personalized piece that has my birthstone and my loved one’s initial. I thought it is unique and is convenient because I personally like to own one pice that has meanings to me and my loved ones. This is why I created The Birthstone & Initial Collection because it enables us to have both”. describes Dana.
All jewelry lovers out there (and I know there are many of you!) who desire to own either a personalized initial ring, a necklace, a cuff or a birthstone bracelet can now have their initials or their birthstones with their loved one’s initial or birthstones. You can mix and match according to your interests as I explained above. Dana makes it very convenient for you, dear customer, by assisting you to create one personal piece that has meanings to you and your loved ones.
Don’t you just love this concept?!
This collection comes in rings, necklaces, cuffs, and bracelets which will be available to any of your interests, which btw we would love to see. So don’t hesitate to share!

The Eternity Collection is the current collection, which perfectly fits for any kind of woman, whatever your style may be.
Designer Dana incorporated black and white diamonds into several of the pieces of this collection as these color choices have a powerful underlying message. The colors represent the world’s diversity, with the designer striving to represent women with fairness and free of judgement, prejudice, or jealousy. Dana designed the delicate pieces in the collection for , as she explains herself; “all the magnificent women out there who may have single or multiple interests. No matter who you are or where you come from, we can all come together to empower and to inspire each other.”

Dana treats every piece with care, hoping that it means as much to the wearer as it does to her. Dana Seng Jewelry is known for its commitment to outstanding customer service and selection, and her work represents her lifelong passion for handmade jewelry design. Admirable, right?!
Dana also incorporates powerful messages within her high end jewelry pieces, and the spring collection continues this trend with grace and style. She herself is inspired by the jewelry and the women who wear it.
“I admire the spirit of each individual woman, and this influences my designs,” says the designer. “I wish to make a difference in women’s lives because I know that we all should do our best to make a difference.”
Words to live by!

The Birthstone & Initial Collection 

[All images and info thanks to Dana Seng Jewelry Blog post by Made of Jewelry]

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