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Rose Versus White Gold: Which Is Best For Your Partner?

Dana Seng

Posted on March 04 2020

As one of the softest metals on the planet, gold always gets mixed with other metals for jewelry purposes. The karat designates the amount of gold in the piece, and while higher numbers equal more gold, they also mean softer jewelry. If you wish to purchase gold jewelry for your partner but cannot decide between white and rose pieces, use this quick guide to make an informed decision. You’ll spend less time choosing from rose gold bangle bracelets, white gold necklaces, and other pieces, and more time feeling fantastic about your choice. 

Consider Your Beloved’s Skin Tone

Let your partner’s skin color influence your selection. If the individual has a “cool” skin tone, meaning their veins look purple or blue in sunlight, opt for white gold bangles or other jewelry made from the soft, white metal. If your special someone has a “warm” skin tone, or veins that look green when held up to light, consider rose gold pieces. Rose gold is made with copper to flatter warm skin tones. The more copper the rose gold contains, the redder it appears. 

Think About Their Current Jewelry Collection

Pay a visit to your partner’s vanity or bureau to see what jewelry sticks out. Does the loved one normally wear silver jewelry and would therefore prefer white gold pieces? Do you see a large number of yellow or rose gold accessories, or perhaps a complete lack of gold options, regardless of color? If your partner clearly prefers a certain type of gold jewelry, there’s no harm adding to their collection. Should the individual’s vanity feature a variety of gemstone jewelry, provide the best of both worlds with a rose or white gold diamond necklace, or other piece that includes a little sparkle. 

Some Additional Tips

Keep in mind that there is no difference in rose and white gold in terms of value, as the karat alone denotes the amount of gold in each accessory. Let your partner’s jewelry preferences dictate your purchase above all, including skin tone. As long as the piece shares characteristics with your special someone’s favorite jewelry or was pointed out by your partner as a “dream” accessory, you have what you need to make a confident purchase. 
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