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A Guide to Caring For Sapphire Jewelry

Dana Seng

Posted on July 09 2021

If you were recently gifted sapphire jewelry to perfectly offset white gold bangles and stackable diamond rings, the right care is key. While the blue gemstones are among the harder jewels on the planet, they still require maintenance to keep them glittering and beautiful. Use this guide to ensure your sapphire accessories always sparkle. 

Use Soapy Water When You Clean

Eliminate dirt, lotion, and sweat from your sapphire jewelry by gently cleaning pieces with warm, soapy water. Use a mild soap since harsh detergents can etch the gemstone. Allow the accessories to remain in the solution for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the level of dirt, and add a splash of vodka or ammonia if the stones appear cloudy. You might also need to use a soft-bristled brush if there’s serious debris involved; be gentle with the brush for best results. 

Don’t Forget About the Settings

Use the right cleaning method depending on the precious metal your sapphire jewels are set with. If they are set in gold or platinum, soapy water works fine; however, take extra care while drying to avoid water spots. Work with ammonia sparingly for gold settings, as excessive exposure can cause damage. If the setting is silver, use a polishing cloth to eliminate tarnish. Since silver is a harder metal, unlike gold, you can use a little baking soda to make it gleam without disturbing the finish. 

Store the Jewelry in its Own Pouch

Keep sapphire accessories in their own pouches or envelopes instead of grouping them with other jewelry. Doing so can cause the gemstone pieces to rub against other accessories and sustain premature wear. Velvet pouches arguably work best because they provide soft foundations for sapphires and other gemstone jewelry. 

Additional Tips

Don’t wear sapphire jewelry while gardening or performing other manual labor to keep pieces as clean and damage-free as possible. Take sapphire rings off before washing your hands so they don’t accidentally slip off and go down the sink drain. Always use the stopper before washing your hands if you place the rings on the sink ledge as extra protection. 
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