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5 Gold Jewelry Care Tips You Need to Know

Dana Seng

Posted on April 08 2021

Whether you recently purchased rose gold bangle bracelets, yellow gold earrings, white gold rings, or other gold accessories, the right care is key. It protects the relatively soft metal to keep gold pieces looking gorgeous for years. Use this quick guide to ensure your gold jewelry always shines. 

Provide Individual Boxes For Each Piece

Avoid grouping gold accessories together in one jewelry box since it can cause unsightly scratches. Do not place gold jewelry with any other pieces--instead, place each item in an individual velvet box or use small velvet sacks. The velvet protects the precious metal to keep each piece scratch-free. 

Always Take Gold Jewelry Off Before Bathing

Refrain from wearing gold jewelry in the shower or bath, or while swimming or enjoying a hot tub session. Soap can eventually create a dulling film on white gold bangles and other gold accessories, while chlorine exposure is a one-way path to breakage. The element weakens the metal’s structure, causing it to fall apart instead of lasting for decades. 

Cover the Jewelry Before Cleaning

Take gold jewelry off or cover pieces with rubber gloves and clothing before cleaning your house. Abrasive and acidic household cleaners degrade the metal, causing premature wear and tear. Also put on gold jewelry last when getting ready since hairspray, lotions, and perfume can inflict damage. 

Clean Pieces the Right Way

Clean gold jewelry by mixing two parts dish soap with 10 parts warm water in a sizable bowl. Allow the pieces to soak for approximately three hours, then carefully scrub them with a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse each accessory thoroughly with clean water and dry them completely using a microfiber cloth. Never use tissues or paper towels since they can scratch the gold. 

Clean the jewelry as often as necessary to remove sweat, makeup, skin oils, lotion, and perfume residue that cause damage. You can also use rubbing alcohol to keep gold pieces looking beautiful. 

Work With Your Local Jeweler

Make an annual pilgrimage to the local jeweler to have gold jewelry inspected for loose parts and repaired as necessary. The jeweler can also appraise your pieces if you’re interested in how much they are currently worth. 

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