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4 Unique & Fun Facts About Black Diamonds 

Dana Seng

Posted on June 15 2022

Black diamonds, or carbonado diamonds, are among the most coveted versions of the precious gems. Their name comes from the large number of carbon molecules they feature, which gives the jewels their eye-catching dark hue. If you love black, stackable diamond rings or any other black diamond accessories, such as pendants and stackable bracelets, learn more about the favorite gems below. 

They Could Be From Space

Unlike white diamonds and their colorful counterparts, black diamonds do not come from mines. Since nitrogen and hydrogen are found within the dark gems, researchers believe black diamonds are from space. There’s even a theory that the jewels are the result of supernova explosions, or star deaths. This theory also states that black diamonds were asteroid-size when they arrived on Earth and therefore over 3,000 feet wide. 

Black Diamonds Are Found in South America & Africa Only 

Despite their seemingly-extraterrestrial origins, black diamonds are exclusively found in Central Africa and Brazil in South America. Since these continents were once conjoined some 280 to 230 million years ago along with North America and Europe as Pangea, black diamond findings in Africa and South America make sense. 

They Are Not Single Stones, and Extraordinarily Durable

While white diamonds are single stones, black diamonds consist of millions of tiny black crystals. Internal inclusions known as polycrystalline structures give the jewels their solid black hue, though some black diamonds are gray-colored. Black diamonds are also incredibly challenging to cut and polish, as they have a 10 ranking on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This makes them harder than any other diamond on the planet, and they can take up to one year to fully cut. 

Black Diamonds Do Not Shine

White gold diamond necklaces and other white, yellow, pink, and green diamond accessories might glitter in the sun, but black diamonds don’t. As with any other black product, they absorb sunlight rather than reflecting it. However, this does not make them any less show-stopping. Rather, it adds to their elegance and mystery. 

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